What is HIIT?

First, HIIT stands for High Intensity Interval Training. Chances are you already knew what it stood for. If you didn't, don't worry I wasn't sure what it meant when I first heard about it either.

So let's get straight into the benefits of High Intensity Interval Training.

1 - You'll actually have time to workout and have a life. Most HIIT exercises take less than 20 minutes. That's perfect for the typical nine to fiver who just doesn't have the time in there schedule to spend hours a day at the gym. 

2 - You're going to burn fat, and a lot of it. Interval training is an amazing way to burn fat, and is actually more efficient at  burning fat than steady paced cardio exercises that take twice as long. This is because the level of exertion achieved during these workouts allow your body burn more calories and fat for the next 24-48 hours. 

3 - You will improve your cardiovascular health. Everyone needs a healthy heart and just eating your bowl of cheerios every morning isn't gonna cut it. 

4 - You don't need an expensive gym membership. Many of the HIIT exercise routines you'll find online are body circuits. This means you are not going to need a ton of fancy gym equipment in order to get into shape. These exercises can easily be accomplished in the comfort of your own home. 

5 - You'll quickly notice results. Time every circuit you do and keep track of how long it takes for you to finish. Your times will increase within the first 2 weeks, and with that, so will your overall health. 

6 - You're going to look good  ;) 

Jump right in with this great 15 minute workout by Heather Robertson

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