Top 10 Bodybuilding Tips

If you are new to bodybuilding or want to get the best out of your training, these top tips should help you out! Bodybuilding is a fantastic way to improve the way you look, but don’t expect huge improvements overnight; it’s all about the long game. Your muscle mass will slowly grow, and there are some great supplements that can help you along the way. The critical thing to remember is to be patient and stick to your routine. 

1- Stick To Free Weights

Dumbbells and barbells are the best weights to use, especially if you are new to bodybuilding. There will always be nice, shiny machines that will tempt you, but they won’t help you as much with building a solid foundation of muscle mass.

2- Basic Movements First

Don’t run before you can walk, stick to the basic exercises at the beginning. Squats, bench pressing, and shoulder presses are three of the essential exercises that you should incorporate into your routine. 

3- Rest Days

As tempting as it may sound, do not train every day! You should be doing 3 or 4 decent workouts each week, but your body will need to rest and recover in-between. Don’t overdo it. 

4- Remember Your Muscle Groups

You may have a goal in mind, but as a bodybuilder, you need to be working on all of your muscle groups. When planning your routine, ensure that each muscle group is worked on at least once a week. 

5- Perfect Each Technique

As tempting as it may be to lift as much as you can, if your technique is wrong, then there’s not much point in carrying on. You will end up doing yourself damage, or you won’t see the results that you want. 

6- Gradual Weight Increases

Once you’ve mastered the technique, you want to increase the weights (gradually) that you are using. Keep track of what you start with, and increase this every couple of weeks. This is also great for progress management and motivation. 

7- Pump With Protein

Protein is an essential part of bodybuilding and is found in foods like chicken, dairy, and eggs. Aim to consume a gram of protein per pound of your body weight, and if you find this difficult, check out our range of protein shakes. 

8- Eat More Often

You want to be in a calorie surplus try eating decent, protein-filled meals 4-5 times a day, roughly every 3-4 hours. Say goodbye to hunger; you don’t want this feeling as a bodybuilder. 

9- Use The Correct Supplements

Protein shakes are awesome if you struggle to pack protein into your food diet, but other supplements can be beneficial to your training. BCAAs are the essential amino acids that athletes use, and they are fantastic bodybuilding supplements. They increase power output, improve fat loss, and reduce fatigue. 

10- Act Like An Athlete

Bodybuilding is a serious sport and takes a lot of dedication. So if you’re training hard, but then smoking and drinking on your rest days, you may as well not be training. Act and think like an athlete for the best results. Health and fitness go hand-in-hand.

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