Thinking positive and realistically
Current affairs are enough to make anyone stressed, sad, or generally unhappy. In our social media-obsessed world, the conversation about everything you can imagine is always on-going. Social media acts as an assault on our senses and it can understandably overwhelm us.

If you combine this with our sedentary lifestyles at the moment, you can see how the anxiety and depression pandemic has spread as well as the covid-19 pandemic. We are not here to tell you guys “just think positive”, because we know it isn’t that simple. We are going to tell you how you can start moving towards that goal.

Negative emotions are there for a reason
Just like pain, bad feelings are essentially a warning that something isn’t right. If you are feeling uneasy, sad, or stressed about something, then that is your brain and your body telling you that it may be time to rethink whatever it is in your life, making you feel that way.

Anxious about work? Maybe it is time to find a new job. Lethargic and exhausted? Perhaps you need to re-address your sleep and exercise regime. Whatever it is, you can solve it, because the power does, whether you believe it or not, lie with you.

However, you can’t simply keep everything the same and then expect those feelings to go away. Fighting bad feelings will only make them worse because the more you suppress them, the more loud and violent they get. So listen to your feelings, understand what it is they are trying to tell you, and then act upon it.

Ground yourself
Acknowledging these negative emotions will ground you. Understanding that they are problems that can be solved, and not abstract senses of badness, will take you out of panic mode and place you into your body.

Tell yourself empowering mantras and compliment yourself. It is amazing how intensely negative self-talk can impact on your psyche. If you make a mistake, instead of saying “I’m an idiot,” show some understanding for yourself. Treat yourself with compassion and grace.

Remember that you are worthy of happiness, health, and capable of goodness.

Get moving
Even if it’s just a quick workout before you go to the office (or home office), some physical activity does wonders for your brain and your positivity. Getting physical releases deliciously happy endorphins and makes you happy.

We stock a range of BCAAs and supplements for everyone for all types of workouts to help you get the most out of your physical workout days. A delicious protein shake can help motivate you to do the exercise! Check out our blog for cheat-free recipe ideas.

Remember difficult days are inevitable, but so are the happy ones. Never be afraid to lean on your support system for help, and talk about your feelings.

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