The Power of Electrolytes

Electrolytes are already found in water, but adding more to your diet may benefit you in the long run. Our bodies need electrolytes as they are vital for the normal functioning of the human body. 

What are electrolytes?

We already have electrolytes in our bodies, and we consume them through our diet every day. They are a group of salts and minerals, such as bicarbonate, sodium and chloride. Electrolytes do so much to keep our bodies in check. Not only do they regulate nerve and muscle function, but they also help to hydrate the body and help rebuild damaged tissue.

Although the electrolytes in water may be sufficient for everyday life, if you like endurance sports and exercise, you will be flushing those electrolytes out of your body. 

Will supplements help me?

Whether you are an elite athlete or an average Joe, electrolytes are essential. Having more of them in your diet will have positive effects, so there’s really no question. Another fantastic benefit of electrolytes is that they help your body to absorb water. This makes one glass of water far more effective, so if you struggle to drink 2 litres each day, this could be the answer for you. 

We have a number of supplements designed with you in mind; they will help to boost your health and well-being, and also give you that added boost when it’s training time. 

Electrolytes and Exercise

Dehydration can be a dangerous thing, and this is even more important to think about if you are a regular gym-goer. You may begin your workout fully-hydrated, but the more you sweat, the more your body craves rehydration. 

Adding electrolytes your water, both during and post-workout is a great way to keep your mind and body on point. Drinking water alone is not the best thing to do, as you will lose the majority of it in your urine and you won’t rehydrate as well. 

What are the main benefits?

Without electrolytes, you will struggle to concentrate, you will feel fatigued, you will become dehydrated, and you may also get muscle cramps. Now, water is, of course, essential for our bodies but it won’t fight against all of these problems on its own. Electrolytes give your body everything it needs to tackle these problems, leaving you feeling much healthier. 

If you aren’t a very active person, if you have a sit-down job and you don’t exercise, then water is probably enough for you. If you are at the other end of the spectrum, then they will definitely help you, especially if you are exercising for over an hour at any given time. Having a protein shake after the gym will also help your body to recover quicker, never underestimate the power of supplements! 

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