The Best Workout Clothes to Stay COOL in
In this hot weather, it is more important than ever that you make efforts to stay cool while you’re working out. Dehydration and heat exhaustion are both very real threats and can set you back more than taking a day out can.

We’ve already written about how to stay cool while working out, but this blog is all about the best workout clothes to keep your cool in. It’s all about looking 🔥 but staying ❄️.

Working up a Sweat
Part of the joy of working out is sweating everything out. There are great health benefits to working up a sweat, and it is thought to purge impurities and toxins from inside your body. Sweat too much though, and you can put yourself into real danger!

Remember to always drink fluids with electrolytes in when you’re getting your sweat on. This will make sure you absorb the water more efficiently, while you are dehydrated.

Clothing to Stay COOL in
During winter, we’d tell you to layer up with insulating fabrics that you can remove as you begin to warm up. In summer, it’s all about wearing clothes that stop you from getting too hot. Your priorities for hot weather workout clothing should be:

1. Breathable
2. Sunburn minimizing
3. Light

If you follow these simple rules, you will be able to continue working out in comfort, and safety.

Trapped air heats you up. This is how most insulation works: Trapping air inside walls to keep heat in. It follows that to stay cool, you want to let the air flow loosely. This is why people who live in deserts often have loose-fitting robes as part of their cultural dress.

It’s best to opt for clothing that isn’t totally skin-tight during heatwaves. Wear light, loose t-shirts and shorts made from organic fibers. This sort of workout clothing will ensure you don’t boil. Of course, if you have leggings made from fancy breathable fabric, then that will work as well. Your standard spandex leggings won’t work though.

Sunburn minimizing
It is tempting to go out almost naked in the heat: We get it. However, the sun’s UV rays are pretty dangerous. The more skin you have exposed, the more likely you are to get sunburned, and potentially skin cancer.

Cover up your most vulnerable areas with light-colored clothing to deflect the sun’s rays from you. Don’t forget the factor 40 either!

Another important thing about hot weather sports apparel is that it is light. Dark fabrics absorb both heat and light, while light colors reflect it. If you work out in midsummer, wearing all black, you will find yourself getting a lot hotter than if you wear all white.

In addition to dressing right, make sure you are pacing yourself, seeking shade frequently and drinking enough water. More than 600 people die from heat exhaustion every year in the USA, don’t become one of them!

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