The best power ingredient substitutes
Trying to lose weight when you have a sweet-tooth can be really difficult. Refined sugar and simple carbohydrates are not your friends if you are trying to tone up your body. However, it is undeniable that those sweet sugar cravings are normal.

If you want cake, but you don’t want to eat butter, flour, or sugar, then you might consider yourself to be missing out. Fear not, we are here to help.

Here are some healthier alternatives to try out if you’re missing cake!

Starch bases:
For your cake to hold its shape, you do need some sort of starch base. Without it, your cake will sort of just be a puddle. Different starch bases have different effects, and different flavors.

Pumpkin Puree
Mashed pumpkin is good for providing that texture, without being too overpowering in flavor. If you are using our protein powder, which will add sweetness anyway. Pumpkin is a good, high vitamin and seasonal choice.

It will also give your cake a delicious and velvety texture.

Mashed banana is great if you love that naturally sweet flavor. It’s super healthy, and high in potassium, fiber, and vitamins. It also acts as a fantastic binding agent between all the ingredients in your cake, creating a texture that is firm, yet soft and gooey.

You can bring out those banana flavors really well by adding sultanas or chocolate chips!

Fats are another important component of your cake! They’ll give it that fudgy texture, as well as nourishing your brain and body. Nut butter provides essential fats while being extremely efficient with the energy they provide.

Almond Butter
Creamy, delicious, and paleo-friendly. Almond butter gives your cake that hint of Bakewell tart and will certainly lift the flavor above what even normal butter could.

Peanut butter
If you prefer that peanut taste, go for it. It’s slightly more overpowering than almond butter, but with the right flavors, it will be just as delicious!

If you can’t eat nuts, then tahini is a sesame seed-based substance, which gives your food a rounded off edge. Used to bind hummus, it will act as a great neutral base in your cake, while providing a subtle creaminess. Seeds are also great for blood sugar regulation.

If you fancy giving these alternatives a try, let us know how it went for you. There are of course many different options out there, and this is in no way a complete comprehensive list! However, it is a way to get started on your healthy journey.

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