Testosterone: Unleash Your Inner Tiger
You’ve probably heard that testosterone is behind male aggression and sexual prowess. It is true that this hormone is an essential component in the development of masculine characteristics. It doesn’t just get you ramped up and raging, it also does the following:

  • Improves muscle mass and bone density
  • Increases body and facial hair
  • Deepens your voice
  • Improves your mood
  • Sharpens your mind

Testosterone is therefore a must-have for anyone looking to ascend from everyday Joe status, to boss mode.

How it works
Testosterone is the body’s growth trigger. Its presence tells your cells that it’s time to get going and moving. It sticks to hormone receptors and throws the construction side of your body into action!

1. Improved cardio-vascular health
Testosterone assists with red blood cell production, and low levels of it are linked to a greater chance of heart diseases. A study of 83,000 men actually found that testosterone replacement therapy reduced the likelihood of a heart attack by 24% and the likelihood of stroke by 36%.

2. Stronger bones
With testosterone, your bone mineral density increases. As people age, their bone density and testosterone levels drop. Having strong bones provides your internal organs and muscles with more support, meaning your athletic performance increases.

With high doses of testosterone, you can increase your bone density, as found in a clinical trial examining spinal and hip bones.

3. Better libido
It is no secret that testosterone puts any man into the mood for some lovin’. As you age, and your testosterone drops, you can try to counteract the decreasing libido with some extra testosterone.

Please note: testosterone won’t necessarily cure erectile dysfunction, but will instead just increase your confidence and sexual drive. It will only work if you are low on testosterone, and adding more won’t “boost” your sex drive.

RevTest offers cutting edge, safe testosterone performance, with no harmful side effects.

It all engages with 7-Keto® (7-Keto – DHEA Acetate) and Tribulus Terrestris to support healthy levels of total testosterone. Then, fenugreek helps drive levels of free testosterone for maximum body sculpting potential.

Next, the mineral Zinc and the phytochemical DIM help counter the enzymes that convert testosterone into DHT and estrogen. Then, Epimedium 4:1 extract, in tandem with Vitamins B9 and B12, fuel nutrient surging blood flow, mood, energy, and a healthy, confidence-boosting libido.

This precision formula leverages highly-researched, natural compounds to target the body’s anabolic chemistry.

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