Staying fit on vacation


When you are heading on vacation, it’s easy to let your fitness and health routine take a step back. However, it’s key to ensure you stick to your routine when you can. While you might feel like you want a break or not be motivated, you will feel 100% times better once you have.

Here are some of our tips and tricks we swear by when going on vacation.

Remember we are in this together!

Pack healthy snacks!

There is nothing worse than craving a snack like protein bars, dried fruits and nuts and all you have around you is chips, chocolates and more sugary snacks. Pack a few with you and keep them nearby in case you need them, or even have them delivered to you.

Keep yourself hydrated.

It can be a struggle to get water sometimes so bring your water bottles and keep it topped up. Not only are you saving money but you will keep yourself hydrated throughout your vacation.

Embrace the local area.

The best way to explore is by walking or biking around your local area. Enjoy sightseeing by exploring rather than catching a tour bus and cabs. The best experiences are the ones where you are trying something new.

Hotel Gym

Most hotels now have access to the gym. If you have any free time, then go for a quick session and utilise the area while you are there. Plus working out every morning will increase motivation to eat healthy especially for breakfast. However make sure you are training when you want to, it will be more effective.

Keeping an eye on your food

While it is easy to want to indulge on vacation, make sure you are noting your food intake. Gluten and carbs are the ones you want to watch out for. Try limiting your carbs for evenings and substitute your gluten food if possible.

Sleep is key

When it’s not your bed, sleep can be a struggle. Holidays are a big culprit in lack of sleep, and you can feel like you need another vacation again. Avoid booking early morning flights if possible. For hotels, try earplugs and eye masks to drown your surroundings.

Taking your supplements

Achieving a well rounded, healthy diet while on vacation can be difficult which is where supplements can be a great help. You can enjoy our ‘stacks’ and get everything you need in one bundle put together by us. Our stacks offer you the supplements you need to achieve specific goals in addition to providing you with the gear to look and feel your best for your workout. The supplements will give you everything you need to smash your goals, as they will boost your energy and performance, increase your metabolism and burn fat helping you to achieve a lean physique. Our apparel will bring you the confidence you need to look and feel great in the gym!

Last but not least, adjust your mindset. Remember to take a break and relax on your vacation. Knowing you won’t be able to maintain your usual standard of eating and training will help you adapt to the changes you need to do on vacation. While you are not in your usual routine, you will be back home and can continue where you left off.

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