Social Media or Mental Media?
Most of us use some form of social media, but how many of us realize how social media is impacting our mental health?

Social media is as common as coffee these days. It’s prominent, it's powerful, and you either love it or hate it. Some studies have linked social media to mental health problems, sleep problems, and even weight issues.

Are we overcomplicating things, or is social media a big part of a widespread depression?

Social media is something that may be seen as a good thing or a bad thing. It can help people at times, and for others, it is a different story. It all depends on how you take it and how you use the information you are provided with.

If you feel isolated, or you feel like you have nobody to talk to and that you need company, then yes social media can really help you, however, it can also be a negative thing because there are some people online that aren't there to help you, they are there to say bad things and to make you feel bad about yourself, and that makes social media a negative thing, which is why it always depends on who you are what you're going through, as to how much you can take and what you can accept.

The plus side
Social media has many negative sides to it, but there are also many positive sides that enable you to stay connected with people, and allow you to see positive quotes and affirmations. Some people see these things, and it enables them to have a better day and to have more drive to lead a better life, and it really just fills them with the positivity that they need.

If you want to spread happiness and positivity to spread joy into other people’s lives then please ensure that you are a positive contributor to social media because negativity produces negativity. Optimism is a fantastic thing, and it's so important to spread joy and delight, especially through these times.

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