Simple Yet Effective Exercises To Burn Belly Fat

When it comes to your regular workout regimen, people tend to have the same goals; they want to shed unwanted weight, burn a lot of calories, burn fat, and have flat abs as a result of all the hard work they've put in. You may think that crunches, planks, or an ab roller are going to give you your desired result, but while you're working your abdominal muscles directly you still can't that sweet six pack hidden under stubborn belly fat. 

Belly Fat:

Genetics play a major role in how and where your body stores excess fat. Typically, women carry more fat around the hips and thighs. For men, much of the excess fat is stored around their mid section, often referred to as a beer belly. While you may joke that the protective cushioning is just protecting your six pack underneath, carrying excess weight (specifically belly fat) has been linked to high blood pressure, diabetes and metabolic disorders.


Aerobics can be defined as your moderate to vigorous exercises that focus on strengthening your heart and your lungs, such as swimming or running. Often referred to as cardio, aerobics can significantly decrease belly fat, while improving cardiovascular health.

Simple Yet Effective:

These simple at home exercises are sure to burn fat and help rid unwanted belly fat.

  • Stairs - Whether you're walking or running, stairs exercises can be performed quickly (10-20min) and are very effective. It may be quick, but you'll burn and ton of calories.
  • Jumping Jacks - I know you are probably thinking back to those1980's aerobics videos thinking this can't really be effective. However, jumping jacks are great for warm-ups, as well as cardiovascular exercise.
  • Burpees - This full body exercise targets.... well your full body. From your arms to your core to your legs, knock out 4 sets of 10 and you'll be sweating for sure.
  • Boxing - Instead of running on a treadmill for hours, why not punch something. 3 minute rounds 5 times w/ 30 sec rest on the heavy bag and you'll burn an insane amount of calories. Boxing works your full body, will help you get the results you want.
  • This great video - It's good for both laughing and burning fat.


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