Outdoor VS Indoor Workouts
With lockdown being pretty much over (again) and summer coming, we are once again faced with the choice of working out in a gym, or outdoors. This blog is about the benefits of each, in terms of both mental and physical health.

At the end of the day, only you can decide which you prefer, but we are firm believers in people making informed decisions! Wherever you decide to work out, make sure you have the right supplements and BCAAs.

Indoor Workouts
Most gyms are inside, so the logical thing to access the machines would seem to be heading for an indoor workout. On a hot, sticky day (or a chilly, rainy day) an air-conditioned, environmentally controlled space would certainly seem preferable.

If you live in a city, it can actually cause your respiratory system damage to do cardio outside on account of the air pollution. Moreover, if you suffer from hayfever, the summertime pollen will cause an even greater distraction.

On a practical note, hitting the gym is, in a way, like hitting the library: Everyone is there for the same reason, so the atmosphere will motivate you to get good work done. It’s easier to work out with a buddy in a gym, basically.

Also, with experienced people, you will be more likely to do a safer and more beneficial workout. Who knew you should be grateful to the form-correctors?! In all seriousness, gym people tend to want to be helpful, and you will be more likely to find yourself learning new workouts there.

Moreover, the presence of different equipment gives you a greater scope of things to do. Some gyms even have swimming pools, meaning you can get a far more comprehensive body workout.

Outdoor Workouts
There have been numerous studies done on the holistic benefits of exercising outdoors. One review showed that people who choose to exercise outdoors feel revitalised, less frustrated and have more energy.

Simply being outdoors can make you happy, whether that is doing a hardcore workout, or just going for a stroll. The benefits of fresh air and nature truly cannot be understated. As a species we already spend so much of our lives indoors, so why not take advantage of any opportunity to be outside?

If you are working out in the sun, you will obtain the essential mineral, vitamin D. Of course, it is necessary to wear sunscreen and stay hydrated because sunburn and heat stroke are no joke. On that point, avoid exercising outside during extreme weather (hot or cold), or at least make sure you are adequately prepared.

Why Limit Yourself?
To be honest, whether you do your workout inside or outside, you’re gonna reap the benefits. We’d recommend that you do your more intensive workouts inside at the gym, simply because the infrastructure is already there, for maximum benefit, and your “rest day” workouts outside.

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