How To Train Yourself To Like The Exercises You Dread
The first step to reframing those exercises you most dread is understanding why you dread them. If you are expecting an exercise to be awful it can either lead to complete avoidance or lack of effort - neither of which will benefit you in any way.

Ultimately, the more you enjoy your workout routine the better you will perform. Training your mindset to approach these dreaded exercises with excitement will massively alter your experience and your results.

Explore our suggestions below and get ready to enjoy your next workout:

Adjust the difficulty level - sometimes it simply comes down to an exercise feeling too difficult. In this case, it could be that you can adjust the difficulty level to better suit your abilities. It could also help to have a personal trainer check your technique, if your form is off the routine will feel harder and could even lead to injury (which would definitely be a reason to dread it).

Lower your expectations - when we understand that not every workout will be our new personal best our expectations will greatly shift. Doing your best will look different every day, as each day you are experiencing different energy levels, tiredness, etc. It can be deflating to not achieve a personal best every time you head out for a run, but it would also be impossible.

Face your fear - the best way to tackle your dread is to face it head-on, and we’re not just talking once. Consistency is key when it comes to defeating workout dread, increase how often you tackle this exercise, and not only will it become easier, but you’ll come to fear it less.

Buddy up - finding a friend to complete your dreaded workout with you will hold you accountable, and spur you on. If it is running you hate, having a partner to do it with will change the dynamic - especially if you have a competitive side. Enlisting the help of a friend of a trained professional will give you a motivational boost and emotional support system. You can do it!

Reward yourself - it’s the classic carrot-and-stick approach, and it works! Bribe yourself with a reward should you complete the exercise you’re dreading, but make sure you’re strict with yourself. This is another good way to utilize your buddy system, having your friend be in charge of issuing the reward to you. It can be your favorite meal for dinner, a shop-bought coffee, or a long luxurious bath. Whatever works for you.

Change your language - reframing how you speak about, and think of the exercise is a great way to convince your brain that it is manageable. Instead of telling yourself that you have to do 50 repetitions, change it to 10 reps three times. This simple hack can help to trick you into facing your fear in more manageable chunks.

Mindset plays a huge role in your workout routine, if you are new to exercising regularly it’s crucial you focus on your body and your mind as the two will work in unison to help you to achieve your fitness goals.

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