How to stay motivated in the gym

How to stay motivated in the gym

Okay, we all have tried to cheat our way out of doing a workout or even cheat while we are doing it. Whether its skipping leg day because you have a big day tomorrow and need to be able to work, or on that last set and not doing it right or rushing it, we’ve all experienced lack in determination when working out.

So we’ve selected a list of ways to help you stay motivated throughout your entire workout - YOU GOT THIS!

Make it a competition: A friendly one at that. You might not be the competitive type but having someone else pushing themselves can be a big motivator. It might be a stranger on the treadmill or your gym partner working out next to you, having someone else’s motivation can rub off on to you and help you push yourself further and stop you from wanting to quit.

Make a bet. Now we’re not saying gamble your money away or make a bet every time, but having a paycheck on the line will make you think twice about skipping that last set.

Treating yourself. Have you seen something you want recently? Avoid buying it until you have achieved your goals in the gym. Bonus points if you do extra reps!

Consider a trainer. You might think you don’t need one as you know what you are doing, but a trainer can help motivate and push you more. Having a professional will remind you of your technique and formation throughout and can keep you dedicated through your workout.

Get your favorite supplements. Topping up on your favourite flavoured supplement is always a win for a gym session you’re dreading.

Motivation is hard to come by, so think what else can drive your motivation. Is it music, meditation or anything else? Whatever it is surround yourself with them and you will kill it at the gym every time!

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