How To Stay Fit This Summer

Summer is finally here, and although a lot of us love it and thrive on it, some of us also use it as a reason to procrastinate. If you are a prolific procrastinator, then this blog is for you! Don’t use the heat as an excuse not to do something. Get up, get ready, and let’s go! Let’s make health and fitness your priority! 

Opt for collagen drinks, not sugary ones!

If you want youthful and healthy skin, then collagen should be a big part of your diet. Don’t be a fool and think that the energy drinks will help you. THEY WON'T. There are plenty of collagen packed drinks on the market, and they will be much more beneficial to your diet and skincare regime. 

Cooling foods

If your body is hot, then you should be filling it with cool foods. No, this does not mean ice cream. Consuming foods like cucumber, fennel seeds, mint, and watermelon will not only help you to hydrate your body, it will also help you to cool down internally. 

In addition to this, consuming seasonable fruit and vegetables will give your body the best nutrients possible. 

Eating lighter

When it gets too hot, nobody wants to eat a full meal. However, at the same time, we shouldn’t be starving our bodies. Rather than skipping meals, take the time to prep and eat smaller meals. Health and nutrition is everything, and it should never go ignored. 

Pack it in a smoothie

If you don’t feel like eating, but you obviously need to put something into your body, smoothies are an awesome option! You can pack your smoothies with all the vitamins that your body needs, and if you pop in some protein powder, it will keep you fuller for longer. 

Don't be afraid to use supplements. They are there to give your body the vitamins and minerals that it needs. If you are new to supplement use, you may be surprised at how good they make you feel, let alone the positive effect they can have on your body and your performance. 

If you are questioning anything, just get in touch and tell us about your concerns. Our fantastic team will be there to guide you through, step by step.

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