Connection Is Crucial

With the current pandemic we are all living through, it is now, more ever, crucial that we stick together and stay connected. For so many of us, the gym is our home, and not being able to go there is really tough. Although that doesn’t mean that it is not possible for all of us to still maintain and hit the fitness goals we are all striving towards. 

Why stay connected?

We are all in a similar situation, and we all need to help each other. When we isolate ourselves from everything, it becomes a very sad and lonely place. A simple message can help someone to boost their mood, and then help them to have a better day. Check up on your friend, call the person you haven’t spoken to, or call someone that you think needs the extra support.

Mental health and fitness

Mental health is a challenging thing to live with, and we aren’t here to tell you that we have the solution, but we do know that fitness can help. If you are feeling stranded with nowhere to go, try doing one of our workouts...what’s the worst that could happen?

Why is staying connected so important?

We all know that sticking to a routine is crucial when it comes to hitting our goals. Just because we can’t meet at the gym and workout together, that doesn’t mean that everything stops. It is so important to stay connected to people, and thanks to social media and Revlabs it’s even more possible. Check out our pages and get involved! 


Health and fitness often mean one thing...MOTIVATION. If you need someone to motivate you, don't forget about your gym buddy who is probably in the same place as you. Do something online together and make the most of the free space!

Home-gym buddy!

Do you have a gym buddy? Why not get a home-gym buddy? There is nothing stopping you, you getting a partner and working out from home. We have tonnes of videos for you to watch, and all of them can be catered to every level. 

This whole situation sucks, but all we can do is make the most of it. Look after yourself, your mind, and your body. Your health has always been important, but now, more than ever, it is vital. Join us in helping ourselves and each other because tomorrow never comes. Let’s fight this as a united force. 

Stay fit. Stay healthy. Stay safe.

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