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With summer just around the corner, now is the perfect time to get working on that beach body. This guide provides exercises to help kickstart your journey. Whether you're at home or in the gym, this workout is your new go-to fitness routine.


Before doing any exercise, it is vital that you take the time to warm up. A warm up gradually increases heart rate and circulation, gently preparing the body for more intense exercise. Stretching the bodies muscles prepares them for physical activity, reducing the risk of injuries.

Your warm-up period should be at least five to ten minutes long. If you are practicing an intricate sport like weight training, you need much longer than five minutes to warm-up properly. If your muscles are sore from a previous workout, you will need a longer warm-up.

We recommend simple warm-ups such as jogging on the spot, jumping jacks and stretching.

Our Recommended Workouts

Jump squats

  1.       Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart
  2.       Start by doing a regular squat
  3.       Engage your core and jump up

Alternate side lunges

  1.       Start with your feet shoulder-width apart
  2.       Step out with your right foot
  3.       Powerfully “punch” your right heel into the floor to push yourself back to the full standing start position

Mountain climbers

  1.       Start in a traditional plank
  2.       With your core engaged, bring your right knee forward under your chest, with the toes just off the ground

Side lying leg raise

  1.       Lie on your right side with your right knee bent at ninety degrees, and your left leg straight
  2.       Raise your left leg as high as you can
  3.       Slowly lower until you return to the starting position
  4.       Swap sides and repeat

Cool Down

After working out, it is vital you cool down. Cooling down helps return your breathing and heart rate to normal gradually. This helps avoid feelings of dizziness and fainting.

Some cool down exercises:

Cat cow stretch

  1.       Start by going on all fours
  2.       Raise your head to the front
  3.       Curve your back in an upwards position

Lower back stretch

  1.       Lie down on your back
  2.       Pull your knees up to your chest

Quad stretch

  1.       Grab hold of one of your feet
  2.       Pull the foot towards your buttocks and hold

Work Out Aids

Using workout aids, such as protein supplements can help improve muscle mass, strength, and endurance. This means you can work out harder and for more extended periods of time. Here are a few examples of our supplements that will make your workout easier.

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