7 Reasons Why Your Body Needs More Protein
If you’re reading this, chances are you aren’t getting enough protein. Most of us aren’t. Many don’t quite understand the benefits and the importance of protein and therefore neglect to include enough of it in our diets.

The average adult needs around 0.75g of protein per kilo of their body weight per day - that’s about two portions of meat, fish, nuts or tofu per day. Your protein portion should normally fit into the palm of your hand. In our opinion though, there’s no such thing as too much protein.

Boosting your protein intake isn’t just important for those looking to gain lean muscle mass, there are several incredible benefits to upping your protein intake. These include:

1. Creates Lean Muscle Mass
Protein is made up of amino acids which are the building blocks for muscle tissue - so if you’re looking to grow muscle mass, adding extra protein to your diet is essential. Even if you are trying to lose weight through a calorie deficit, protein intake is still incredibly important. Consuming lean proteins will help you to maintain the all-important muscle mass whilst shedding the pounds.

2. Aids Muscle Repair and Recovery
Those amino acids mentioned above are also great for aiding recovery and repairs, which if you are consistently working out, are going to be constantly required. This could be when you are recovering from an intense workout session and are feeling the burn, or are on the mend after an injury or surgery. Being conscious about what you are eating is the best way to protect and mend yourself.

3. Develops Healthy Hormones
Did you know that what you eat contributes to the hormones that your body produces? You may have heard that healthy fats are a big contributor to the production of hormones, but it’s worth noting that protein plays a role too. Amino acids are required for the production of many hormones.

4. Increased Immunity
Probably the most important fact to know in today’s climate - vitamin C is not the only immune system boosting thing that you can digest. In fact, the antibodies that our immune systems are made up of are actually proteins. When your diet contains an inadequate level of protein or calories, our immune system can become compromised which makes us more easily susceptible to illness. Additionally, many high-protein foods also contain zinc, another immune system boosting nutrient.

5. Smashes Hunger Cravings
Hunger and craving “bad” foods can be a real issue when trying to lose weight and follow a calorie deficient diet, upping your protein intake could be the solution. Eating protein-rich foods releases more of the hormone leptin, which signals to the brain that we are full and should stop eating. Including a source of protein in every meal can significantly reduce hunger and cravings.

6. Improves Hair, Skin and Nails
While protein’s reputation has largely been gained for its work in muscle growth, it also improves your body in other ways - including making your hair glow, your skin to age slower, and your nails to strengthen. Hair, skin and nails are all comprised of different proteins such as, keratin, collagen and elastin (buzz words we’re sure you’ve seen on beauty products everywhere). So, next time you’re thinking of picking up an expensive face cream, perhaps shop our protein shake instead!

7. Makes You Feel Stronger For Longer
Unfortunately, it is a fact of life that as we age our muscle mass will face a progressive decline, known as age-related sarcopenia. However, with a combination of strength training and a diet full of adequate, high-quality protein you’ll be able to preserve and slow this age-related decline.

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