5 Reasons To Add Yoga To Your Workout Routine

So you workout hard, but you keep hearing your gym buddies talk about adding yoga to their routine. Is it worth it?

Adding a consistent yoga practice to your workout routine can have a profound effect on your physical fitness. Any athlete who trains a lot and is prone to injury can greatly benefit from yoga because it helps flush out lactic acid in overworked muscles, reducing the chances of soreness and stiffness in joints. Yoga also helps the flow of oxygen to your muscles, helping them become more efficient, allowing them to grow stronger. If you’re looking to help your muscles get even stronger, yoga paired with adding our RevLabs Protein powder to your diet can significantly help your muscles repair and grow. Here are our top 5 reasons to add yoga to your workout routine:


To increase your range of motion

Strength and endurance training shortens and tightens muscle tissue, which can prevent flexibility. Holding the variety of static postures in yoga can combat this by decompressing tight areas of the body and encouraging a release of those tight muscles, and building up your muscular endurance.


To correct your posture

Posture is an integral part of your fitness routine. If you don’t have the right posture when working out, you’re more likely to be causing more damage to your body than good. You don’t have to be in a freak accident to damage your spine and body. You can damage your body every day through chronic repetitive stress (from poor posture). Yoga can help you achieve good posture in your spine by improving your flexibility, muscle strength and balance.


To reduce the risk of injury

If your workout routine is not varied, you may be putting your body at risk for injury. If you focus on the larger muscles groups and ignore the smaller stabilizer muscles, you’ll have a muscle imbalance. Muscle imbalances can cause injuries such as dislocations and muscle tears. Through a consistent yoga practice, you will be able to balance and strengthen joints and smaller stabilizing muscles, which helps prevent injury.


To reduce soreness

Focusing solely on larger muscles through your workout routine, such as weightlifting, can put you at risk for injury, but also can have a negative effect on your posture. If you’ve ever seen a hunched-over buff guy, you’ll know what we’re talking about. Through a consistent yoga practice, your posture may be greatly improved. Chest and shoulder opening postures combined with core strengthening poses and exercises in yoga class are key to improving posture.


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