5 Exercises to Burn Belly Fat

A flat stomach is like a badge of honor, and it shows that you keep fit and that you watch what you eat and drink. However, vanity aside, having a stronger core also makes you less prone to injury, and can even make certain exercises easier to do. If your aim is fat loss around your belly, take a look at our top five exercises to get you started.

1- Mountain Climber

This is great because not only are you doing cardio, you are also using your strength to keep yourself up and steady. It’s a versatile workout, and you can work as hard or as little as you would like. If you struggle with cardio, mix it up with planks instead of resting completely. 

HOW? Get into a push-up position, with your hands beneath your shoulders and your legs out straight. Bring your right knee up to your chest and then back, and alternate between legs. 

2- Burpee

You are probably told to do this exercise a lot, and there’s a reason why; it’s unbelievably effective! When it comes to burning fat, you want to be using as many muscles as possible, and the burpee does just that! It is a tough one to maintain, but you will notice straight away how it increases your heart rate, and the more often you do them, the easier they will become.

HOW? Stand with your feet shoulder-length apart. Bend yourself into the squatting position. Put your hands on the floor in front of you. Kick your feet back (plank position) and drop to the floor. Bring feet back and get back up with a jump. That’s one rep. Speed it up but maintain the technique. 

3- Medicine Ball Slam

IF you’ve never used a medicine ball, you’re missing out! It’s a great exercise to burn fat, but it’s also a brilliant stress reliever! You don’t need it to be overly heavy; a 3kg will work just fine if you seriously push yourself. 

HOW? Start with the ball above your head with your feet apart, and slam it to the ground as hard as you can. Catch it and repeat it. SIMPLE. 

4- Kettlebell Swing

The explosive nature of this exercise is what makes your heart rate increase, hammering your core, and working all of the essential muscle groups. You’re in control of a big lump of steel, and you have to control the momentum of each swing. 

HOW? Bend at your hips and rock back slightly, swinging the kettlebell between your legs. Squeeze your glutes and thrust your hips forward forcefully. Swing the weight to shoulder height, then reverse the move and continue. 

5- Dumbbell Overhead Lunge

Lunges are great anyway, but if you add a dumbbell into it, you’ve got a very effective core workout. The muscles in your torso all need to work together to do this, which is why it is ideal for targeting belly fat. 

HOW? Hold your dumbbell at your shoulder, and then lift it above your head (arm straight) when you go into the lunge. Left leg down, left arm up. Right leg down, right arm up. 

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