5 Easy Ways To Build Up Your Motivation
It can be incredibly difficult to gain the momentum you need to start making changes in your life. Whether that is changing your diet, your exercise routine, or even trying to be more productive throughout your working day.

Motivation is one of those things that, once it starts building, it gets progressively easier and easier to carry it on. It is giving yourself that jump-start zap that’s the tricky part. Have you ever been in this situation?

You tell yourself you are going to wake up an hour earlier than you usually do, so you can do an early morning workout. Your alarm goes off. Your bed feels warm. You tell yourself you will just do it tomorrow, and fall asleep, full of shame and disappointment in yourself.

Do not despair! This handy guide will give you some tips on how you can feel motivated, proud and start working on yourself in a meaningful way.

1. Make sure you actually want to do the thing
It is all very well telling yourself that a 6 am run is a fantastic idea. But where is that thought coming from? If it’s coming from guilt and #FOMO from seeing other peoples’ early morning running stories on Instagram, then maybe it simply isn’t for you.

There are many, many ways to be healthy and fulfilled and they do not actually involve punishing yourself. If you are someone who does need that little bit extra sleep, then why should you deny yourself that? If you are someone who doesn’t particularly like the process of working out, and you find it boring, then that is fine too.

Try visiting a climbing wall or a skating rink in the evening. Bouldering is great for strength training and resistance building. Skating is fantastic for cardio and precision. The point is you don’t have to deadlift, run, HIIT or Crossfit to be healthy. Find the workout that works for you and do it at a time that feels right and comfortable.

Exercise should always be fun, not a chore.

2. Carrots are treats
On that point, if you are someone who loves doing things once you get started, but simply hates the idea of doing them, give yourself an incentive. This can be anything from “After I’ve done this workout, I’m going to have a delicious snack and protein shake,” to “I am going to organize to go to the gym with my buddy and we are going to have a totally rad time catching up.”

Working out can be really social! Helping each other out with techniques, meeting cuties, sweating, and growing together: It can be a really enjoyable time. So, if you feel that sense of unwillingness setting in, think about all the “carrots” (and think about the gainz!)

3. Excuses, excuses
Brains are funny old things. The minute you start to doubt whether you want to do something, your brain will throw a billion different excuses at you.

“But I can’t go out - it’s raining!”
“But I will miss the final on T.V!”
“But I am sweaty after work!”

Take those “buts” and calmly listen to them. They are cropping up for a reason and if you simply ignore them, they won’t go away. Ask yourself why you are trying to excuse yourself. Once you’ve done that, run through the benefits of going out in your head once again.

4. Sometimes you just need to close your eyes and go for it
Have you ever jumped into a freezing cold lake?

Picture this. You and your friends are at a beautiful swimming spot, it’s sunny but the water is pretty chilly. Your mates have already gone in and they are yelling at you to join. If you slowly dip yourself in, you are about 200% more likely to give up.

However, if you stand proudly on top of the rock, and count to three - always jump on “two”. This means that you are basically tricking your brain into doing the hard thing and not giving it a chance to weasel out.

Adopt the same approach with motivation. Before you’ve even had a chance to decide whether you want to go, be out of that front door.

5. Make sure you are treating yourself right
This means getting enough sleep, drinking enough water throughout the day, eating well-balanced meals, and talking about your feelings.

The difference that a good night’s sleep will do for your motivation levels is insane - you will go from slug to lion in just one day.

Our range of protein shakes and BCCAs will ensure that your muscles are regrowing and healing effectively, reducing that post-workout pain and making sure you are ready to keep ongoing.

Good luck everyone! Share your motivation tips with us on Instagram, and don’t forget to tag us!

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