5 Benefits of Using a Jump Rope For Exercise
Using a jump rope for exercise has grown in popularity in recent years, especially due to the rise of TikTok accounts that jump to trending sounds. It takes a lot of practice to get seriously good at jumping rope, but while practicing you’ll also have a lot of fun.

While jump rope, for many, was left behind as a cardio activity when school playgrounds were outgrown, those who stuck out the exercise into adulthood will have experienced a number of incredible benefits.

We share the top five reasons below:

Weight Loss - Just 15 minutes of jump rope can burn up to 300 calories! That is likely to be more than you’ll burn during other forms or continuous cardio exercises, like running or cycling.

Most major muscle groups are working hard while you’re jumping rope, making the entire body very warm and burning fuel, a.k.a calories, in order to produce the energy needed. You’ll notice when jumping rope as a beginner that your heart rate will rise immediately, and your cardiovascular capabilities will be challenged, but as with any form of exercise the most you practice the easier it’ll become.

Improved Coordination - even the most basic level of jumping requires some coordination, so as you become more advanced in the practice your coordination is bound to improve. Jumping rope requires many different body parts to communicate effectively to complete one movement.

The most advanced jump ropers can manage all sorts of tricks, it can take weeks to get the basic notion of skipping under control, and many more months on top of that to master any sort of tricks. Consistency is the key with everything, especially jumping rope.

Become Less Injury Prone - improving your coordination won’t just benefit your jump rope abilities, it’ll also help you in other aspects of your life. Coordinating your upper and lower body movements will make you more agile and improve your body awareness, making you less likely to trip, fall or generally hurt yourself during other forms of exercise or day-to-day activities.

Boost Heart Health - we've discussed how jumping rope will raise your heart rate, so it’s no-brainer that this exercise is great for your cardiovascular system and overall heart health. This incredible form of exercise has even been found to be beneficial for those already at risk for cardiovascular disease. Jumping rope can lower blood pressure, lower body fat, and improve pulse rate - all things which contribute to happier heart health.

Strengthen Bones - jumping rope can improve your bone density, which is the strength of your bones. The stronger your bones, the less likely they are to break. Increasing your bone density can also reduce the risk for osteoporosis later in life, particularly for women. The repetitive, impactful nature of jumping rope is what causes the strengthening of bone density. The body responds to the exercise by remodeling the bone to become more strong and dense.

If your bones are already weak, please consult a doctor before beginning this form of exercise.

Convinced to give jumping the rope a go? We recommend investing in a recent rope, and not buying one from the kid’s toy store. You don’t have to buy one that is weighted, simply one for your height and that is designed for adults who are exercising and not children who are playing. If you’re a beginner, try adding 10 minutes of jump rope to the beginning of your workout routine as a warmup or slotting 3 minutes of jump rope between reps as you complete your usual training routine.

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