4 Steps to Getting Ripped
Getting ripped does not happen overnight. That physique you’ve always dreamed of will never materialise just because you want it to. To get ripped takes immense discipline, hard work and dedication.

It is not simply a matter of: “exercise more and eat healthy”. Finding your new lifestyle and following your new regime will require specific actions, substances and mindsets. At the end of the day getting ripped is a journey that will transform your mental health as well as your body. The experience and results will be highly personal to you.

Anyway, here are 5 building blocks you should use to kickstart this journey.

1) Protein, Protein, Protein
You have probably heard countless times that in order to build muscle, you need protein. This is true and incredibly important. You may be wondering why this is the case. When you digest protein, it is converted into amino acids by the enzymes in your stomach. This allows your body to use it.

These amino acids are the building blocks for growth and repair in your muscles. They, transported in your bloodstream, enable the healing of damaged tissues. This allows your muscles to grow quicker after a workout, and will potentially reduce the amount of time spent in pain.

If you are actively working out, you will need between 1.6-2g of protein per kg of your own bodyweight per day. This does not, however, mean you should load up on steaks! Ideally, gain your protein from a variety of sources, such as leafy vegetables (such as spinach and broccoli), lean meat, nuts, eggs and beans.

This is because there are 9 different essential amino acids. Our PROREV supplement will provide you with all of these efficiently without having to eat a huge amount straight after exercise. Drink it, mixed with your favourite beverage, straight after you finish a workout, to promote muscle regrowth and repair.

2) Creatine creates results
You probably know that protein alone will not be enough to get ripped. While protein is essential for muscle repair and regrowth the supplement you need in order to actively build muscle is creatine.

Creatine supplements work by providing high intensity energy boosts, helping the muscles recover quicker and increasing their mass. Not only that, but it makes you look bigger too. Creatine allows your muscles to store more water in their cells, causing them to look fuller and larger.

For the best results with creatine, mix up “loading” periods, during which you saturate yourself with the substance (around 25g per day), with periods where you only have 3-5g per day. This will promote sustained muscle growth.

3) Compound Exercise
It can be tempting to develop tunnel vision when you are working on parts of your body to improve. It would seem to make sense that, in order to improve a particular part of your body, it is natural that you’d want to isolate that one muscle.

Muscles work in pairs and groups however. Isolating one muscle again and again, and only ever doing work on that muscle will not only not work, but it will also injure you. Compound exercises are immensely important because they engage multiple parts of your body all at once.

Some good compound exercises you can try are squats, kettlebells, deadlifts and other dynamic exercises. These will give your muscles the support, exercise and growth they need to get #SHREDDED.

4) Rest, Recover, Repair and Regrow
We cannot drive this point home hard enough! The rest and recovery period is just as much a part of body building as the actual work bit. Actual workouts do not grow your muscles. The bit that does grow your muscles is the bit afterwards and in between.

When you are resistance training, tears form in your muscles. When your amino acids from drinking your protein shakes and taking supplements flood these muscles, the tears heal. This is what causes muscle growth.

You should exercise often and hard, but also listen to your body and allow the injuries to heal when you are finished.

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