Gym Commandments

The Gym Commandments that I have brought to you will be helpful at every angle in the aspect of your fitness lifestyle. If you're struggling with getting into the gym, are unfamiliar with the essentials, or you're just wondering why you aren't making progress, read the list below to help boost your potential. 

9. Ego Lifting

Ego lifting is the number one on this list because it does nothing but make your ego larger than your muscles. The term "ego lifting" goes to the meaning of picking up weight to impress yourself and others around you with no benefit to your physique, since you cannot handle it with proper form and squeeze. Try a smarter approach. When you pick up the weight that is more suitable for your experience level, you will gradually climb towards those higher "daddy" weights. What looks really cool is when you can pick up daddy weight with clean form, instead of shaking and having your eyes bulge out of your face with "ego" weight. Work your way up and earn it like the rest of us, champ. 

8. Cleanliness

Dumbbells have 362 times more germs than a toilet seat. That let alone is probably enough to deter you from walking past the hand sanitizer dispenser the gym while hi-fiving your squad and blasting Logic in your beats. Cleanliness in the gym is important if you want to stay healthy because why are you there in the first place? To look good, and feel good (health, right brah?) To add to the cleanliness aspect, if you drench a bench or machine with sweat, wipe it off to prevent spreading infections and viruses such as MRSA, Hepatitis B, Colds, Flu, Impetigo, herpes, and the list goes on. 

7. Putting Weights Away

You know that guy? Don't be that guy. Have you ever had to struggle with finding something as simple as a 20lb dumbbell? You search forever to find it but with no success, and end up settling with a 22.5lb or a 17.5lb. Your workout carries on and you forget about it, but then the memories flood back when you're walking to the water fountain for a drink, and find the dumbbell in an obscure dark corner where someone left it far away from its brothers. The weights in the gym have a rack for a reason, so they can easily be found and put back. The best way to go about this is to follow the saying of make it seem like you weren't even there. You wouldn't want someone rearranging your room, so don't rearrange everyone's weight room. 

6. Talk and Work, Or Work and don't Talk At All...

If you want to see serious results in the gym, you have to put serious work into it. When your jaw is hurting more than your biceps at the end of arm day, you're doing it wrong, yet again don't be that guy. Let's show what I mean by an example and ill put you (the reader) in the good guy's seat. You're working out hard, having the best chest pump of your life, music is bumping and your heart is pumping. All the sudden you see the guy, he's 50 feet away from you and he's already trying to talk over your music. He gets up to you and you take off your headphones and get trapped in a conversation about something irrelevant to your lift, during your lift, and it completely takes you out of the zone. You'll try and escape the conversation, but he's clueless and doesn't budge. By the time he's done rambling about his glass figurine collection (irrelevant enough for ya?), you've lost your pump and don't even know what set you're on. 

Talk and work, or don't talk at all. Utilize your rest periods to communicate, don't interrupt others and don't interrupt yourself.

5. Utilize Collars

Being unbalanced and dropping barbells is fun right? Wrong. Very wrong.  Safety collars are there for a reason, which is to help keep your balance since the weights cannot slide around on the bar, keeping your reps clean and your gains gnarly. 

4. More isn't better

This can easily be translated to ego lifting, but here we can talk about reps. More isn't better in all cases unless you're training endurance. This can also be communicated into nutrition when you're trying to bulk don't go way over what your body needs. There's a good chance you aren't a 300lb mass monster carved out of pure 

3. Legitimate Exercise Form

Proper for equates to proper results. If you want your muscles to develop to their full potential, proper form makes the muscles activate the way that they're designed. With improper form, your muscles won't reach full tension and activation thus making your gains crawl to a halt. Another reason to use proper form is to be as easy as you can on your joints, you will thank me when you're 60 and still lifting pain-free.  

2. Have a Plan

When you walk into the gym having a plan is essential to success. If you have a list of tasks to do in this case, exercises, you will complete them and go to your full potential. If you have no idea on what to start with, browse our other blogs on training to get a feel for what exercises you should do in one session.  

1. Nourishment is Critical

The number one thing I see people wasting their time in the gym with is what they're not doing outside of it. If you want to drive a car fast, you have to put the proper fuel into it, you wouldn't put mud in a Ferrari, right? For your body, you need to fuel it correctly with healthy choices if you want to see amazing results by the week when you're working hard for it. My coach had always told me its 75% nutrition, 25% exercise, and that holds true if you want 100% of the results. 



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