When Should You Be Having A Protein Shake?

We all know we need a good amount of protein for many things including to help us recover and repair our muscles.  What can be confusing is known when the best time is to take this protein!

Below we’ve put together a few benefits of what good protein does for you depending on when you take it.


Overnight whilst you sleep, glycogen stores can run low.  This means your body is forced to turn to its amino acid stores to power metabolic processes.  The process puts the muscle into a catabolic (breakdown) state. Whey protein such as our ProRev digests quickly meaning it is perfect for when you wake up as it can deliver essential amino acids to your muscles which will counteract muscle breakfast.

You need a good quality protein shake without all the nasty stuff in it, our ProRev in vanilla or chocolate are great with 25g of protein per serving.  If you’re needing a vegan protein then stay tuned for updates on our line of vegan supplements!


If you take a protein shake before you work out, it can create a positive nitrogen balance in the body.  A positive nitrogen balance is essential for protein synthesis stimulation and to increase muscle mass. It has been found that taking whey protein before exercise significantly increases protein synthesis- meaning more gains!

Post Workout

This is the time everyone knows protein is important!  You’ve just put your muscles to work and under a lot of stress so now you need to provide your body with nutrients to repair your muscles and to help them grow.  You need to get protein in your body no more than 45 minutes after you’ve finished training for optimal results. Your muscles have a ‘sponge-like’ property at this time so they can absorb protein well.  It makes sense to have a big protein serving of food or a shake in this time.

Before Bed

You go hours without food whilst you sleep and as said earlier, you lose nutrients whilst you sleep.  If you drink a whey protein shake before you go to bed you can prevent your muscles from entering a catabolic state.  By feeding the body like this you’re making sure that nutrients are available during the overnight fasting period therefore avoiding muscle breakdown!

We hope this helps so you know when is best for you to take your protein shakes and make optimal gains! Remember you can try our other supplements too to enhance your performance in the gym and in day to day life.

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