The Benefits Of Protein

With any type of exercise, all you hear people talk about is the importance of protein.  You hear that you need protein to train harder, to look leaner and to make more gains, but how exactly does it do all this good?  

In an ideal world, it’d be great to get your protein intake just from your diet alone, but it’s pretty tough to do, especially as everyone’s goals vary.  We all need different amount depending on our size, what exercise we do and what our fitness goals are.

The suggested daily requirement is approximately 0.8g of protein per KG of bodyweight.  Remember you need to balance your protein with other important macronutrients- fats and carbohydrates!  Having a diet that contains all three will really benefit your body and your training. It is easier to attain these protein goals with a supplement such as our ProRev which comes in vanilla and chocolate flavor.  Mix them into a quick shake or into a recipe

Read on to find out why you need protein in your diet, how it works and also some other benefits!

Muscle Repair

If you’re pushing yourself hard in the gym lifting weights or by doing cardio, then protein is essential to help repair your muscles.  The muscle tissue can become damaged and ensuring you have enough protein will also help you to maintain strong muscles.

Protein is also a source of energy too when you’ve exerted all your energy from carbs.  So when you finish exercising you have something known as an ‘anabolic window’ which is the best time to refuel with some protein.  Try and get your protein in up to 45 minutes max after you’ve finished exercising for best results.

Having a whey protein supplement contains all the essential amino acids that the body can’t produce itself.  It is great and it is easy to get your intake of protein in during your ‘anabolic window’ with a protein supplement.

Hair & Nails

Protein can also be a great supplement even if you’re not into intense training.  It is great for your overall health and can provide other benefits for improving your entire body’s condition.

Protein helps you to produce keratin which makes up the structure of your hair.  It can make your hair get stronger, healthier and shinier, also making your nails stronger too!


With a protein supplement like ProRev, it is easy to manage your protein intake as it packs a good 25g of protein per serving. Feel more energised, fuel your body and make gains!

Here at RevLabs, we like to help anyone and everyone achieve their goals with our supplements.  That’s why we will soon be releasing a vegan protein so everyone can make gains, repair muscles and boost their performance with RevLabs!

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