The Anabolic Window

After you lift weights, your muscle fibers are in a damaged state and your glycogen stores (the carbs your body stores for immediate energy) are depleted. Many people think that because of this, they need to eat protein within the anabolic window, which is the first 30 minutes after lifting, to gain strength, but that’s not necessarily true.

The main purported benefit of the anabolic window is that is raises your rates of muscle protein synthesis. This is so important because muscle protein synthesis is the main indicator of muscle growth. The half-hour rule is based on the idea that there’s a short period post-workout, called the anabolic window, when your body can repair and build muscle more efficiently. But research has proven that this window is much longer than half an hour, it’s more like an entire day.  It’s more important to aim to get a steady intake of protein throughout the day, especially on strength-training days, to build muscle. As a rule, you should aim for at least 1.4 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight per day, and space your intake out over the space of your day.

However, there’s one big exception to this rule: fasted training (ie. working out before eating breakfast). If you train fast, studies show that muscle protein breakdown is significantly raised post-workout. So, if you train fasted, consuming a post-workout shake with protein and simple carbs is actually quite important for recovery. If you are someone who does happen to train fasted (for whatever reason), or is unable to get in a decent meal within 4 hours post workout (you may train on your lunch break etc.) then a post workout shake is still a beneficial way to guarantee your body has the nutrients required to recover effectively after a solid training session.

Ideally consuming a well balanced meal containing both protein and carbohydrates 2-3 hours before a workout, and a meal containing protein, carbohydrates and fats 2-4 hours after a workout, we can guarantee our body has nutrients to fuel a solid training session and recover adequately, allowing us to repair and build muscle tissue. However, it is not always easy to hit our macronutrient requirements through food alone, and protein requirements are arguably the most difficult to achieve. A protein shake provides a simple, tasty and easy, way to bump up our daily protein intake without causing a large increase in our daily energy intake.

A post workout shake is still important to help you get the recommended amount of protein that you are required to intake for your current regimen, as well as provide a good way to supplement with creatine, and provide post workout nutrition to those who are unable to eat after a workout, or train in a fasted state. Our ProRev protein blend is available in two flavors: chocolate and vanilla. It’s made from cold processed and micro filtered whey isolate to ensure it is the best quality possible. Unlike other proteins, ours have no artificial sweeteners, colors or dyes in so you know you’re only consuming ingredients that are good for your body. We don’t compromise your health with artificial products. BCAAs naturally occur in whey isolate to help control protein digestion and breakdown whilst also helping you to sustain energy and recover quickly after a workout without losing muscle mass.

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