Stop taking your basic Multi-Vitamins, and get your Daily-Rev

So why should you take a Multi-Vitamin if you can get all the necessary vitamins and minerals from the food you eat?

Easy, you're not eating the right food. So instead of lecturing you on your diet, let's make it easy and give you the 27 reasons why RevLab's Daily Rev Multi-Vitamin should be part of your daily routine.

Vitamin A - an important factor for a healthy immune system

Vitamin C - assists in formation and maintenance of bodily tissue and iron absorption

Vitamin D3 - Maintain healthy bones

Vitamin E - Powerful Antioxidant

Vitamin K1 - Key role in coagulation of blood cells, and supports healthy bones

Vitamin B1 - Maintain Healthy Nervous System

Vitamin B2 - Helps Energy Production

Niacin - Helps to improve cholesterol levels

Vitamin B6 - improvement in metabolism and immune system

Folic Acid - production and maintenance of new cells

Vitamin B12- Helps keep blood cells healthy

Biotin - Health hair, skin, and nails

Pantothenic Acid- supports stress relief

Calcium - build and maintain strong bones

Iron- Boosts Hemoglobin Formation

Phosphorous - Supports detox and maintenance of energy levels

Iodine - Supports thyroid health

Magnesium - Increased energy and helps relieve muscle aches and spasms

Zinc - helps control food cravings

Selenium - immunity booster

Copper - supports cardiovascular health

Manganese - Osteoporosis prevention

Chromium - supports blood sugar regulation

Molybdenum - Helps you break down amino-acids

Chloride - Nutrient absorption

Potassium - helps to maintain blood pressure

Boron - supports healthy brain function


You will find all of these nutrients in your Daily Rev Multi-Vitamin, eliminating the need to take a handful of supplements every day. With DailyRev, it couldn't be easier, just 1 pill daily to get your Rev ;)


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