FYI about protein shakes

These days, you can’t walk into any type of a grocery store or gym location without noticing multiple products that list high in protein, from cereals,to bars, to premixed protein shakes. Of course the best way to get your protein would be through solid food there is many people know when you work a full time job it’s hard to get full meals in.

 What’s the best kind of protein? Whey protein has become one of the favorites.The most used criteria to measure the quality of a protein is Biological Value (or BV for short), which is the amount of nitrogen (body protein in grams) replaceable by 100 grams of protein in the adult diet.

How much protein should you take In? The minimum amount of protein that you should be taking is 1 g per 1 pound that you weight. So if you’re 150 lbs, 150g of protein is your minimum daily intake. After that any additional protein just helps to speed up the healing process.

The Best time to use protein: One of the times that your body is in need of protein the most is right after a workout, since your body starts to heal the muscle right away, taking protein then will give the body the fuel it needs to heal and grow.


In conclusion, regardless of your goals, protein should be viewed as a foundational nutrient of any nutrition program, as it's an essential ingredient for achieving progress in physique enhancement and performance.

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