Tips For Mental Growth

People stunt their growth. People stall their progress. People say and don’t do. The difference between that crowd and the go-getters is immense, and here are some tips to get you from zero to hero in this aspect. These are just some self-advised tips that I use daily to help move me in a positive direction. 

1. Don’t sell yourself short of what you’re capable of. Even though sometimes it seems intimidating to go after something you’re passionate about, don’t stop yourself. If it’s a big decision, don’t settle for anything besides a definite yes. 


2. Understand and identify your strengths and your flaws. Self-awareness is key to success because you are aware of what lanes to run with and which ones that will put a halt to your passion. 

3. Respect others, and be respected. This one is number one in my book, since good character and being genuine with other people has helped me more than anything in my life. If you’re easy to get along with and likable, you’re more prone to be exposed to more opportunities. This can often be misconstrued by calling it manipulation, but it’s anything but that. Genuine actions come from your heart, and manipulative actions come from the mind. 

4. Don’t be afraid to fail. Failure is where you learn the most and there’s no denying it. What happens when you win on your first try? Sure it’s cool, but you don’t get to go up against something more challenging that will actually teach you something in the long haul. When you fail, don’t hang your head and be sad, pick up a pen and identify how what you did can be better. 

I hope these tips resonate with a few people that read all of this. As a challenge, if you made it this far, get out a pen and paper and see what you can come up with that you can and will improve on. 

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