How To Spark Your Fitness Inspiration

        I'm going to lead this blog with a question, and that question is "What is the hardest part about building a fire?". Gathering the wood is easy, putting it in a pile is easy, but creating a spark that gets the fire burning is the hard part. The same thing goes for fitness, the hardest part of fitness is getting a spark to ignite your fire and keeping it alive. Thankfully, once a fire is going it's very easy to fuel, you just have to toss wood into it to keep it burning. 

Finding Your Spark      

The greatest thing about us humans is that every single one of us is unique, and with that comes different approaches to different ideas and tasks in life. We are talking about fitness here so there is a general idea in your mind of what you want to look like, feel like, and live like. I want you to picture right now your future self after you put in the work to look and feel amazing. I know this may seem weird to look into the future like this, but you won't be able to strive for a goal if you don't have one in mind. Your spark will be the image you are desiring in the future, and your health in the long run. 

How To Not Lose The Drive

You'll hear this a lot, "I used to be in fantastic shape." Well, what happened to that person for them to lose that fantastic shape? They let themselves burn out, they didn't keep feeding the fire to keep on going. Personally, I use the method of keeping things new with a 5-week workout program, then I flip the script and do a completely different schedule. With this, it keeps your gains fed with constant pushing, but at the same time doesn't allow you to get sick of a certain routine. I also do this with my nutrition protocol, since I'm putting in the work in the gym and having changes with my body, my diet also needs to stay updated with my physical needs based off of what my goal is. Currently, as an example, I am bulking so I'm constantly gaining weight. Constantly gaining weight causes me to stop gaining weight if I don't increase my calories gradually. 


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