How To Improve Your Body Image

Here at RevLabs, we provide supplements that help you to look and feel your best.  We also actively encourage exercising as a way to improve not just your fitness levels and physique but also your overall mental health.  However, we understand that you can do the utmost to make yourself look and feel good but sometimes it isn’t enough.

We all have parts of our body that no matter how hard we work, we still think could look better and we’d still like to change.  That’s why we have comprised a list of some things you can do to give you a more a positive outlook on your body image and to help you accept yourself just the way you are.

Avoid Negative Media

What we see online has a bigger impact on us than you think.  We look at people who are perfectly airbrushed or who have had surgery to look the way they do online.  Follow people who are inspiring to you and motivate you to do good! You’ll eventually stop getting distracted by the fakeness you see online.


It is a really effective tool for clearing away any negative thoughts and focusing on the present.  If you want to start to meditate and practice mindfulness then check out our other blogs.  You will start to accept the present moment and maybe even tell yourself some positive affirmations to instill in you too.

Eat Well

Eating well isn’t just beneficial to lose weight or reach your fitness goals, if you put good food into your body it will be happier.  Your digestion will be better causing you to bloat less but you’ll also feel more positive due to having an abundance of energy and a stimulated brain.  Not only this you will also start to get better skin, hair and more!

Negative vs Positive

Try and replace any negative thoughts with a positive one.  Eventually, they will naturally occur in your head with practice leaving you overall more positive.

No One Cares

It’s hard to believe, especially when there are so many perfectly airbrushed people online but no one cares about how you look except you.  Focus on feeling good for yourself and not others and your perspective on how you should look will change completely.

As long as you live a healthy, happy life, then don’t focus on just the aesthetics.  You want to get fit, exercising and eating healthily for you and the benefits you will feel from doing it, not because you want to look like someone else.  There is only one of you so you may as well embrace yourself!

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