How To Get Over Gym Anxiety

If you’re new to working out or going to the gym for a workout, then going into the gym can be really daunting.  You might not feel confident, you might wonder what people are thinking or you just might get nervous people will look at you.

We know what it can feel like so we’ve put together a few tips so you can face the gym, smash your workout and reach your goals.  If you want any help with reaching them outside the gym, then our range of RevLabs supplements will be sure to help you!

Ask For Help

If you’re completely new to the gym or to working out, then don’t be afraid to ask for help.  Hire a personal trainer to teach you some basics to make sure you have your form right. They’ll also usually be more than happy to show you what all the equipment in the gym does so you know how to use it.  Doing this will familiarise you with the layout in the gym so you know where to go when you start your workout. You’ll also know you’ll be performing your exercises safely, which will actually help you maximize your results!


Make a plan before you go so you know what you’ll be doing and where you’ll be going when you get in there.  You can just get in and focus on what you need to do. Write down the number of sets and reps you aim to complete so you’re completely involved in just you.  If you’re unsure then just googling some basic workouts or looking up some of your favorite fitness influencers on Instagram for some inspo.

Remind Yourself Why You’re There

What are your goals?  Are you wanting to get in shape, fit into a certain clothing size, or are you just simply wanting your health and fitness levels to improve?  Do you want to feel strong, lift more reps or run for longer?

Whatever your reason is, make sure you remind yourself of it often so you’re motivated to get in there and work hard!

Focus On You

Trust us, that’s what everyone else is doing- focusing on themselves.  Everyone in the gym is only really bothered about what they’re doing so don’t think they’re looking at you.  So get in there and don’t think people are staring at you because they probably aren’t. If you do slip up by dropping something or falling etc, then the likelihood is that someone will help you!

Find What Works For You

There’s lots to do in the gym, so find what you enjoy.  You could use the cardio machines, the weights or do a bodyweight workout there.  Better yet, if you’re not feeling confident about working out on your own then maybe take a friend with you.  Working out together makes you feel more comfortable and you can motivate each other to work hard. You could also join a class and workout in a group environment.  Here you can get help performing the moves and maybe use it as an opportunity to make new friends!

We really hope these tips help you go to the gym with confidence!  If you have any more tips then get in touch with us and leave a comment here or on Instagram.

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