Gym Selfies - Why we love them!

If you’ve been anywhere near the RevLabs Instagram tagged section, you’ll have seen our dedicated RevLabs community posting an array of gym selfies. From the mid-workout flex selfie to that pre-workout bathroom “hey look at my RevLabs outfit” selfie, we’re all about them. For the average person, you could be forgiven for thinking it might seem vain, but RevLabs wasn’t built for the average person.

Being a part of the Upward Movement means so much more than wearing RevLabs apparel and accessories or supplementing your fitness regimen with premium supplements for optimum results. It’s about being part of a supportive community who cheers when you achieve your milestones and wants to see you win. We see far more benefits of gym selfies that surpass any possible annoyance followers might experience. In fact, there are a few good reasons why we actually encourage our RevLabs community to share gym selfies and videos of their personal fitness journey. It’s all about supporting, succeeding and celebrating fitness goals - both big and small. Here are our 4 main reasons why you should post gym selfies:

  • To hold yourself accountable
  • It’s so hard to start working out that most people refuse to even try. Once you’ve started, it’s just as hard to keep going. Taking gym selfies and announcing your fitness goals to your social following holds you accountable and keeps your from being able to back out of your plans so easily.

  • To get encouragement
  • When you start your fitness journey, every day you can face tough choices on what to eat or how to spend your time. Sometimes you might need a little encouragement to help get you through the tougher days. Posting a photo or providing a status update about your experience is bound to get likes and comments, providing a jolt of encouragement that will make your next choices even easier. Also, compliments are fun!

  • To give encouragement
  • Social media has a reach and influence on daily lives that has positive effects outside of visible engagement. Watching your experience may be the encouragement that someone needs to get moving, or keep going. Progress is encouraging. Success is motivating. And yes, it can even be peer pressure. But if it can have a positive effect on even one person, helping them to make a healthier choice, isn’t it all worth it?

  • To track your progress
  • There’s nothing more satisfying than a great before and after photo. But how that does happen? With documentation! Sure, you could keep those photos to yourself, but similar to a yearbook or baby book, it’s fun to look back, share memories with others, and see evidence of the people, places, and activities that got you to where you are today.

    So go ahead, show off that confidence or accomplishment to your social channels, and reach out for support as often as you want (don’t forget to tag us in your photos and videos). Isn’t that connection to your RevLabs community what social media is all about?

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