Maximizing Your Performance With A Vegan Lifestyle

People with a passion for fitness and increasing muscle mass are often apprehensive about taking on a vegan diet as they fear it will deplete their gains and stop them from making progress.

Getting the most out of your workout and maximizing your performance in the gym ultimately comes down to healing your body.  You need to make sure you’re getting enough rest, fueling your body correctly and listening to your body in order to make progress.

RevLabs Athlete, vegan fitness model and competitive bodybuilder, Kaden Nguyen, recently spoke about how veganism has impacted his lifestyle on Episode 20 of Inside Out Empowerment podcast.

Here are our top tips to make sure you’re optimizing your performance with a vegan lifestyle:


We hear so much about protein being the best thing for muscle recovery and making those gains, but there is a lot of truth behind it.  It helps to recover stressed tissues and muscles in the body from training. The amount of protein you need depends on your body, how much exercise you do, and the type of exercise as some will be more physically demanding than others.  A rough guide for athletes is around 1.4-1.8g per kilogram of body weight.

We know meat provides loads of protein, but did you know it’s in natural plant-based foods too?  There is protein in soy, tofu, quinoa, seitan and more. However, while you do get a sustainable amount of protein from these sources, if you’re needing a bigger intake for intense training then a protein powder supplement will really help you up your intake. Luckily we are developing a vegan protein and supplement range with Kaden which will be available soon.

If you want to keep up to date on the release of our vegan range then leave your email address at the bottom of the page!


How quickly you need to refuel and what you need to do to recover often depends on how much you train and how frequently.

After training, your body needs to replenish glycogen stores which is why carbs are so important.  If you’re an athlete that trains multiple times a day or soon after the next day, then you need to make sure you refuel in between sessions.

Another great way to help with recovery is to make sure you’re getting the right vitamins, our daily multivitamin contains 27 essential vitamins and minerals to make sure your body is getting what it needs.  Vegans can often be deficient in minerals and vitamins as they lack calcium and iron in their diet.  You can get small doses of these in vegetables but taking a daily supplement will ensure you’re not missing out on anything that could really help your general wellbeing and training.


For anybody taking on an intense fitness regime, sleep is so important!  Sleep helps the body to recover whilst also giving you the opportunity to perform well the next day.  The minimum you should be getting is 7 hours, any less than this will leave you with reduced coordination, low mood (which can mean lack of motivation), a slower recovery and more.  Sleep should be a priority in your training and in your lifestyle.

Stay Hydrated

Performance can be impaired with even the slightest bit of dehydration.  

Drink water consistently throughout the day, aim for 2-4 litres.  Staying hydrated will help you to have more energy and concentrate better.  Whilst you do still need to stay hydrated, energy levels can be helped with our range of BCAAs.

As long as you’re listening to your body, giving it enough rest and giving it the right nutrients, there is no reason why you shouldn’t be reaching your health and fitness goals with a vegan diet regardless of what they are.



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