Best Beginner Guide To The Gym

           So, you have made past the terrible sales pitch that scares you more than entices you to get into the gym. Now you're standing in the front of the building trying desperately to find your barcode to get inside of the club itself. Once you finally get the scanner to beep and accept your array of dashed lines on a piece of plastic, you're hit with the smell of results in action (another way to say this is sweat). You go and pick up some dumbbells that are most likely mismatched because nobody puts them in the right spot after they use them, and begin to do an odd hybrid of curls with a hip thrust, just to have an overweight trainer with the smell of ham coming off of him to tell you how to do it correctly. 



           Just kidding. That is most likely the worst case scenario that I just painted in your mind since that's probably what you're expecting to go down. Take it from me, I was a beginner at one point in my life (shocking, right?) and ill tell you what you do actually have to expect when you waltz into the church of iron, the gym. The three main points that ill be covering for you people that are wanting to get into the realm of fitness are firstly gym intimidation, insecurity, and confusion on results.


          So to start things off with a bang, we are going to be going over gymtimidation, this means that you're intimidated by the bigger or more fit people in the warehouse of heavy objects. Heres the first thing that you need to know, that person that you are intimidated by is most likely rooting for you to make some changes in your fitness life. If anything, go and talk to that person and ask for some help, they'd be happy to give a couple pointers. If this doesn't diminish some of this fear or all of it, I don't know what would. 

          You're in the gym, and it possibly is from being insecure about your health or looks. This is normal, I know this because this was the reason why I had even started lifting. You feel like everyone is checking your form and your physique, but that couldn't be further from the truth. When you're in the gym, just focus on being on the mission you signed yourself up for: to become a better version of yourself. Don't let others invalid opinions get in your way, just do what betters yourself and watch the crowd follow.


          The confusion on results piece is super simple to break down after you get it through your head that these results take time and patience to obtain. You won't instantly see changes, period. If you are religious with your diet and exercise, you will then see the changes that you want to see. But just like anything in life, it's not easy if its worth it. You have to keep driving to get to another state, you cant just go to the mailbox at the end of the driveway and say "Wow, why am I not in Florida, this makes no sense!"

 With this analogy, I hope you don't mislead yourself. Stick with it, and you will make it. This guide is intended to have you feel completely confident when you walk into the gym, you can do anything you set your mind to. 




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